Chinese Tang Dynasty Antique Sancai Camel

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Prodcuts Description

The Chinese Pottery Camel,Tang sancai glazed is  18cm high and 30cm long .

This art of sculpture is the duplication of  ceramic sculpture made in North Wei (A.D.386~A.D.534)!

Our pottery is made by experienced archaeological repair artists imitating the original pieces.  Each piece is handmade and hand-painted using the traditional process and natural ingredients. The clay we use is from the same places as the original pieces.  Our hi-end replicas are difficult to separate from the originals even by trained eyes.

Take our products to your living room, study, and bedroom; bring the Chinese art and culture to your home. 
Tang San Cai, also called Tricolor Glazed Pottery and a gem of ancient Chinese art, is a kind of handmade glazed ware of exquisite craftsmanship created in the Northern and Southern Dynasty (386-589) about 1,400 years ago. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the production of Tang San Cai reached its peak, which is part of the reason the pottery got the name of Tang San Cai.

Tang San Cai is a polychrome handicraft with yellow, green, and white as its major tones. It is fired with lead glaze and presents a harmonious complex of varied colors, deep and light. The process is complicated: first, bake the ready mode in kilns until the temperature reaches 1,100oC, then take it out and apply glaze on it; bake it again in kilns at a temperature of about 900°C.

Tang San Cai items that have been unearthed include horses, humans, and even pillows, and camels, of which the pottery camel is one of the best. Its head rises high, as if telling stories about merchant caravans along the Silk Road in the remote past and the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.

After the founding of new China, specialized institutions have been set up to study the technics of making Tang San Cai, which has boosted the development of the craft. At present,  Tang San Cai is exporting to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.

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