Luoyang Tang San Cai Flower Paintings

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Prodcuts Description

Tang San Cai, a kind of Chinese traditional ceramic arts, which was very very popular throughout the world since Tang Dynasty (618-907 A. D.), the most prosperious dynasty in China’s history. "Sancai" in Chinese literally means "tri-colored." This is because the color yellow, green, and white were typically used in Tang Dynasty to make this earthenware, although some pieces were also in two or four and more colors. The tri-color glazing techniques used to make Tang Sancai drew on Chinese painting, sculpturing, and clay-strip forming and incising skills. The combination of these techniques helped to produce rugged and powerful lines for Tang Sancai. Its designs are most to be camel, horse, and human statuary etc. They are all fantastic, colorful, and lovely; but unfortunately, their sizes are too large to used in house decoration.

Just 20 years ago???since 1998), some craftsman had tried to build paintings on the tile in the style of Tang San Cai pottery art. Then this new kind of hand painted tile has been accepted by both domestic and foreign market. Unlike normal European hand painted tile, it mainly has three differences. First, its surface is solid. It has tidy cut and smooth line, natural colors and crystal glaze; Second, glazes of different colors were applied and dripped naturally when the earthenware were put into kiln for firing. As a result, colors would mingle naturally with each other to form smooth tones. Third, it must be kept for firing in the kiln with high temperature above 900°C. for more than 10 hours to get into firmly ones. Its color would never be faked.

Tang San Cai, lively displaying your thinkings, idea in single tile or compounding ones. It could be made into murals, frescos, portraits, animals, flowers, and scenery designs. These superior crafts are so pretty to be widly used as wall tiles, ceramic frame pictures, dessert plates, cup pads, fridge magnets and even tiles on jewelry box.
Now the most popular sizes are listed as follow,
75*75mm, 76*152mm, 100*100mm, 152*152mm, 200*200mm, 200*250mm, 200*300mm, 100*400mm, 152*400mm, 300*300mm, 279*355mm, 330*407mm, 400*400mm, 500*500mm, 400*600mm.

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